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What is a good domain name

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What kind of domain name is a good domain name?

This is a false proposition, because different domain names have different values for different companies or brands or individuals.

For domain name investors, a good domain name means: short characters, good meaning, high public awareness of suffixes, and other domain names with some natural advantages can be called good domain names.

For companies and brand owners, a good domain name means: a domain name that completely matches the company name, perfectly matches the brand vocabulary, and has a high public recognition of the suffix. It is a good domain name that can meet the requirements of the company and promote the development of the company. domain name.

So for individuals, a good domain name also represents: the meaning, appearance, length, etc. that you want or need, and the domain name that meets your requirements and aesthetics is also called a good domain name.

It can be seen that the essence of domain names is not good or bad, and the so-called good or bad is mainly reflected in the form. Therefore, a domain name that meets its own requirements is a good domain name.

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