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Why companies should buy brand domain names

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Times and trends

Since the introduction of the Internet, domain name acquisition cases have been uninterrupted. Many Internet companies, whether they are giants or small and medium-sized companies, have vigorously protected and acquired their brand domain names. So why do they have a soft spot for brand domain names? The main purpose is for the company’s brand development and brand effect and user influence. Having a domain name that exactly matches your own brand or company’s trade name can not only save brand building and marketing costs, but also opens up the advantages and differences with competitors.

With the global popularity and development of the Internet, when talking about brand value evaluation, we mentioned not only the trademark franchise of the brand trademark, but the domain name has also become an important part of the brand value. A good domain name may add huge commercial value to the company’s brand, and at the same time make the company’s business progress by leaps and bounds.

Along with the concept of Internet +, global entity companies will gradually join the big wave of the Internet. The future is a two-way business model of online + offline. Companies and brands that only have physical entities but ignore online will be greatly impacted, and it will also mean that they will lose more development opportunities. Coupled with the outbreak of the global epidemic in recent years, the importance of online business models will also become more prominent. This is the trend of the times, an irreversible trend of the times.

It can be seen from this that the importance of brand domain names to a company is self-evident, why some companies do not hesitate to spend a high price to buy back their own corporate brand domain names instead of changing domain names. A good domain name can completely identify the company’s Internet brand, image and path. This is also the biggest advantage and value that other third-party applications (self-media accounts, APPs, online stores, search engines, and other third-party platforms) cannot match.

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