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The importance of domain names to businesses

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Establish a brand

Users will directly judge the comprehensive strength of the company by entering the domain name and browsing the web. A domain name that exactly matches the brand and business name can convey positive and positive effects to users, deepen the impression of consumers, and achieve the re-dissemination of the brand. When the domain name matches the brand, the trademark and the product are highly unified, which can then establish an integrated brand image and achieve a brand communication effect.

Protect corporate brand

After the brand domain name is registered or even used maliciously, corporate users will be maliciously guided and lost, causing the problem of brand image damage. Obtaining the domain name of your own brand as early as possible can protect the corporate brand and facilitate subsequent marketing and promotion.

Independent and not restricted by third parties

Brand domain names are unique. Compared with third-party platforms such as self-media accounts, APPs, online shops, search engines, brand domain names are not subject to any external constraints, and can establish connections with the Internet and establish communication channels between brands and consumers. The only traffic entrance that is not restricted by a third party. More importantly, the brand domain name is global, and will not be subject to geographical restrictions like third-party platform accounts such as self-media accounts, APPs, online stores, and search engines.

Continuous promotion effect

A domain name that perfectly matches the corporate brand can save more than 80% of advertising expenditure. Even though there are many kinds of traffic entrances on the market, domain names are still the most direct and effective traffic entrances. Having a domain name that corresponds exactly to the brand is not only convenient for users to remember, but also conducive to the establishment and dissemination of corporate brands, which can save a lot of advertising and marketing costs for paid promotion, thereby saving expenses, maximizing profits and continuity.

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